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Rewiring your brain for happiness by removing  trapped emotions, traumas, anxiety and triggers that created them.

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Reducing Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Fields and creating a safe home environment.

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Using Holistic Iridology to find the underlying ROOT cause of weaknesses and imbalances in the mind and body.

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The truth is, we are disconnected , UN-grounded and out of touch with Earth


Question.........Might this dis-connection be a factor in the onset of many illnesses? 

Our technologies are advancing faster than our wisdom of how to use them. 

My wish is to inform, empower and inspire you to reconnect with the energy that created YOU.  My intention is to provide you with the most effective tools at the least possible cost to you.   The power that made the body HEALS the body.  Lets work together to reconnect mind, body and spirit so we can turn the light switch back on and experience our own inner connection to SELF .

If you have been wondering if stress is affecting you the answer is absolutely yes.  It is how we react to stress that may be at the ROOT of most dis-ease.  Timeline healing can assist at removing the blockages and interference by re-wiring the brain to NO longer react to traumas from the past.

If you have been wondering if emfs are affecting you the answer is absolutely YES but it will affect everyone differently.  Like plastering a wall it will keep accumulating till your mind and body cant take it anymore. Learning simple tools to make your environment and YOU safe is the most effective way to balance. 

Putting our money towards  re-balancing our physical, emotional and electrical body saves us hundreds of thousands in the future!  Don't save for sickness, spend to be well so you too can live in JOY and HAPPINESS! 


-Cindy Lamers



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You Journey to WELLNESS begins Here.........................