Re-wiring your brain to NO longer react to stressors from the past...

Your journey to wellness begins here.

If you have been wondering if stress is affecting you the answer is absolutely YES.  It is how we react to stress that may be at the ROOT of most dis-ease.  B.E.S.T. (Timeline Healing) and Emotion Release help turn the light switch back on by removing and re-wiring your brain to NO longer react to stressors from the past allowing energy to flow and bring the mind and body back to balance.  I can try to explain just how powerful this life enhancement system is, but only experiencing it will tell the full story. Try one session and you will soon feel the change.

Contact me or BOOK an appointment that could CHANGE your life today.  I never tire of the thrill people experience as they instantly feel debilitating pain & stress simply disappear.  Book an appointment under Services Tab and lets get started  feeling AMAZING immediately.   

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I just wanted to tell you how amazing I feel after every BEST treatment.  I always feel like I am walking on air when I leave those appointments.  And, I have to tell you that I was experiencing severe anxiety in my life due to a number of different issues and due to the BEST treatments, I have found that I am now able to detach myself in a loving way, (while still providing support), from situations that do not serve my best mental and physical self. And, I have been able to release issues from my past and present and move on from them.   I feel calmer, more peaceful and more rested as a result of these changes due to my BEST treatments.  My job is very stressful and we are going through many changes at work.  However, I feel like I am no longer like I am running around in circles with stress and anxiety.  I feel more relaxed and joyful and know that the BEST treatments have been instrumental in helping me get to this calm and peaceful place in my head.  I have not felt this peaceful or calm in many years and I just want to thank you for everything you do and to commend you as you are the ‘BEST’ practitioner that I have ever met!  

You are an old soul and your wisdom always astounds me!

Big Hugs Cindy!  😊

I hope that you have an amazing day!

Teri 😊



I have been walking on air since my treatment with YOU  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am not really sure what just happened.

I left your place feeling like I was walking on air.

I have more energy than I have had in over 20 years.

I felt zero pain anywhere which never happens.

I know I have tons of work to do and now I am ready.

I have been everywhere looking for relief and nothing worked.

The knowledge you have astounds me and I want more.

Looking forward to my new life.

Thank you so much



It is like going to a psychologist and never having to speak. It just works.


Thoughts become Chemistry

Dr, Bruce Lipton

 I am absolutely convinced that it is our trapped emotions, traumas, anxieties and unprocessed life experiences that we hold in our central nervous system play a major role in 


RE-wiring your brain for HAPPINESS.......



 We NOW have the ability to re-wire our brain to NO longer react to traumas from the past that cause an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system leading to exhaustion of our organ systems and dis-ease over time. 

​​B.E.S.T. effectively treats

Back pain
Chronic pain

Hormonal imbalance
Joint pain
Mental / Emotional health
Muscular tension

B.E.S.T.  (Timeline Healing) and Emotional Release assist in re-balancing the body from harmful effects of EMF's.



 "the brain and peripheral nervous system, the endocrine and immune systems, and indeed, all the organs of our body and all the emotional responses we have, share a common chemical language and are constantly communicating with one another."