Lack of sunlight 

Harmful Blue Light,

Artificial Light, 

Harmful Emfs 

Lack of Grounding 

are all dis-connecting us from EARTH....and the results are CHAOS to our 

emotional, mental and physical well-bring. 

If you have been wondering if emfs are affecting you the answer is absolutely YES but it will affect everyone differently.

  Like plastering a wall it will keep accumulating till your mind and body cant take it anymore. Learning simple tools to make your environment and YOU safe is the most effective way to balance mind and body. 

Putting your money towards  re-balancing your physical, emotional and electrical body saves us hundreds of thousands in the future!  Don't save for sickness, spend to be well so you too can live in JOY and HAPPINESS!

                                     Cindy Lamers

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Is technology making you SICK

The below symptoms may appear wide-ranging and unspecific. This is because EMF pollution affects the nervous, immune and endocrine systems. When so many vital systems of the body are affected at the same time, there will be multiple, wide-ranging symptoms.  

​100% of the population today is affected biologically by EMF pollution. 

Note that ALL of the symptoms below typically go away once an EHS individual has been removed from EMF pollution source(s). Within hours, days or weeks of being in a low-EMF environment, the symptoms will almost completely clear up and the individual will return to their previously state of health until re-exposed to EMF pollution.


EHS Symptoms (fast aging dis-ease)




  • ​​​Headaches; dizziness; nausea.  
  • Difficulty concentrating; memory loss.  
  • Irritability; depression; anxiety.  
  • Insomnia; fatigue.  
  • Weakness; tremors; muscle spasms; numbness; tingling.  
  • Altered reflexes; muscle and joint pain; leg/foot pain.  
  • “Flue-like” symptoms; fever.  
  • More severe reactions can include seizures, paralysis, psychosis and stroke.  
  • Palpitations in the heart; arrhythmias; pain or pressure in the chest; slow or fast heart rate; shortness of breath.  
  • Low or high blood pressure.  
  • Sinusitis; bronchitis; pneumonia; asthma.  
  • Skin rashes; itching; burning; facial flushing.  
  • Pain or burning in the eyes; pressure in/behind the eyes; deteriorating vision; floaters; cataracts.  
  • Digestive problems; abdominal/testicular/ovarian pain.  
  • Cognitive decline (memory and concentration difficulties – a “brain fog” and feeling that one’s brain has aged 30 years in a short period of time.  
  • Dementia (will likely skyrocket in a wireless society).  
  • Enlarged thyroid.  
  • Dryness of lips, tongue, mouth, eyes; dehydration.  
  • Nosebleeds; internal bleeding; altered sugar metabolism; immune abnormalities.  
  • Hair loss; pain in the teeth; impaired sense of smell.  
  • Tinnitus (Ringing in the ears.)
  • Sometimes referred to as the rapid aging disease.  
  • ​Anxiety or tension within the body (often experienced as inner agitation that seemingly comes from nowhere. In retrospect, the person is near a cell phone tower, cordless phone or Wi-Fi router).  
  • Inability to heal quickly from virus, bacterial and parasitic infections (because the immune system is already over-taxed).
  • Lightheadedness or vertigo.
  • Temporary inability to speak coherently
  • Nausea
  • Mood-swings (the endocrine system, which governs our hormones, is highly affected by EMF pollution).
  • Arm, finger and leg twitching (blinded tests have shown that EHS individuals experience involuntary finger movements when exposed to microwave radiation from radio towers)
  • Depression (Serotonin levels have been found to be affected by EMF Pollution)
  • Loss of Productiveness (EHS individuals often become tired, ill and unable to participate in normal societal activities. This includes being able to use a computer, the internet or a “smart” phone. They often lose their ability to work and do not receive disability compensation because governments and hospitals have not been able to keep up with the myriad of ways that wireless technology is damaging human health.)

"I was very hesitant in getting an emf inspection because I truly believed that there was nothing wrong in our home. We had recently moved from a home that had a very high magnetic field and a lot of cell towers and wifi around. I was confidant that this new home was safe because we took those factors into consideration when we were looking for a new home. I continued with Lynn's program, faithfully juicing every day, taking all the supplements she suggested, the tonic, and rarely allowed myself to have a "cheat" day ..but still every time I went for a check up, my results did not reflect the hard work I was doing for myself and my family! It was frustrating. I started to experience multiple anxiety attacks, chronic back and neck pain, which nothing seemed to help!
Finally, the last straw for me was when I took my 2 year old son to see Lynn, and his results showed he had black lymph glands in his stomach! "How was that possible? He's only 2!" I thought to myself. I fed him so well, juiced everyday, never ever allowed him to play with cell phones or tablets. Finally, I was convinced, I took Lynn's advice after 2 years and I am so glad I did!!
Our home was very unsafe and we did not realize how sick it was making us. We discovered that there were multiple wiring issues that we never knew about that was DIRECTLY affecting the area where my son played for most of the day. John also suggested that we buy a smart meter cover. Our smart meter is placed right outside our kitchen counter top where I spend hours per week preparing and cooking meals. 
I went to have an iridology follow up just ONE month after we made our home safe, and she already saw things clearing up in my body!  I know I still have work ahead of me to heal my anxiety and back pain but I can honestly say that I feel so much better already. The peace of mind I have now when I go to sleep at night, knowing my family is now safe, is priceless! Thanks so much Lynn and Cindy for your encouragement and help. If there were more people out there that believed how badly emfs affect us, especially our kids, there would be a lot less sickness!"


After shutting off my wifi  & turning my cell to airplane mode every night, I couldn't believe how quickly I noticed change in my  7 year old daughter ! I have struggled to figure out how to help her stop wetting the bed for years, and this has been the only effective change !  I also have started juicing & after a while, I noticed she wakes up ready for school and in a good mood when prior to juicing and turning off the wifi at night, she had to be nagged endlessly to get out of bed in the morning and was almost always grumpy . 




Over the past 5 months I have been Earthing myself and my family, as well as cleaning up radiation in my home. I have been blown away by the health benefits that I have experienced (I will share the rest of my family's some other time). For years I have been suffering with skin allergies, food intolerances,  (coeliac disease) and hypothyroidism. I have tried many different alternative therapies over the years, some helping more than others. My thyroid medication has only increased over time, causing me to wonder how I can get it under control. Last week I had a blood test and went to see my Endocrinologist for the first time since I began Earthing. She was amazed by my results. My levels of T3 and T4 have significantly improved and so my medication has nearly halved! I know this is due to Earthing as I have not being doing anything else different. I am also sleeping much better at night. I have been a light sleeper ever since having children and I can often lie awake for hours in the night with my mind racing. After Earthing for a couple of months I found I was only waking up if one of the kids needed me, and I could fall back to sleep easily with no tossing and turning for hours on end! What a difference it makes :) I have more energy and feel in a better state of mind to handle whatever life presents to me each day.


Where do I start?

First check out the Emf Tips for helpful tools. Next I am thrilled to share I am creating a FREE online event walking you step-by-step through cleaning up your home and making it safe.  Please send me a message if interested in joining.